Brother From Another Mother! 

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people who are there for you, accept you in their lives and love to see you smile, no matter what! 

And I am one lucky person to have a family beyond blood. My father is a Indian Railway employee and in 1991 we (papa, mummy, me and my younger sister) moved into Railway colony at Allahabad. My mother was expecting my youngest sister at that time. So, in a few months we were a family of five- the fabulous five. Little did we know that this family of five was going to have four more members and we would be now one big family of nine!! No, no, my parents were by no means planning a cricket team… These four members were actually our dearest neighbours- Uncle, Aunty,their son and daughter-making us a big HAPPY FAMILY. Today years later, many more members have now occupied our hearts- sister-in-law, brother-in-law, their kids, our spouses, our kids and we are now this one giant family.

As we were three sisters (from my mother), we always craved for a hand to tie Rakhi on. Our prayers were heard and we got our elder brother right there in our neighbourhood. It is rightly said that true relations need not always be blood relations. True relations are built upon pure & selfless love, trust and willingness to do anything for the good of other.

 It has been wonderful 26 years now that I got my Bhaiya and Didi and there’s no looking back. They have stood by us through every thick and thin right from helping in our school-studies,tests, playing games, childhood teasings & pranks, celebrating each and every festival of calendar together to my father’s sudden cardiac ailment, our marriages and then our kids…. We have come a long long way and still a lifetime to go! My brother has always been the pillar of strength for us. It’s for him that we three sisters know the joy of Rakshabandhan…. It’s for him that inspite of living in different cities we look forward to going to hometown every Rakshabandhan! This bandhan of ours is really a bandhan for raksha- raksha of thepious love we have, raksha of thebond beyond blood !! 

Toay, I advocate that Rakshabandhan should be evolved from celebrating only brother-sister love to Sibling-love, without any bias of gender or genetic association. A child should be able to experience and celebrate the love of sibling – a sibling either from same mother or another mother. In a world of single children, we as parents have a prime responsibility to raise our children in such a manner that-

* Our kids rise above the regressive conventions of society.

*Our kids should be able to see all their fellows as their siblings.

* Each single child should atleast have a sibling beyond blood.

*Our kids should imbibe and live our vedic adage- Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam-the world is one family! 

And all this would start with us. We will have to be a living example for our kids to follow. Let’s make this world a better place to live!


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