The Grandeur of Grandparents

Sunday, the 10th September 2017 happens to be the International Grandparents Day and honestly speaking I didn’t have any idea that such a day exists. Despite a lot of debate revolving around the celebration of days marked for fathers, mothers, siblings etc I confess that I believe in celebrating these days because I think on such special occasions we get an opportunity to voice our tender emotions which are otherwise left buried deep in hearts due to our never ending hectic schedules. 

So, I came across this instagram post of Blogadda where in I got to know about the Grandparents’ Day! They had asked us about the ways we would like to spend this day with our grandparents. This left me thinking about them.
Grandparents are probably called so because of the grandeur they add to the family. With the silver in their hair and gold in their hearts they make our lives nothing less than a treasure. Their wisdom, faith and the will to closely knit the family is what makes the world a better place to live!

As I sit down to write this, I am reminiscent of the good old days of innocence and mischiefs at my Nani’s place. The sad state of the institution of marriage is that girls ought to leave their families to move in with their husbands. And when we girls enter motherhood it becomes all the more difficult to give way to our whims and fancies of doing what we want in  blink of an eye. How I wish I could surprise my Nani ji by meeting her in person and since she has become “Great Grand Mother” she surely deserves some more mischief by her great-grandkid.  Due to her ill health it is not possible for her to travel and I have a 7month old baby to provide for, which makes both of us helpless to meet more often. 

But if a Jeanie grants me my wish and lets me spend this special day with her that would be the best thing ever! Although, just one day would never be sufficient to live all those wonderful memories yet I would make full efforts to reap it to its maximum. As I take an imaginative joy-ride with my Nani, I can see myself reaching to her place and first of all give a tight bear hug to my 4 feet tall Nani. We would then sit down together in mandir (temple at home), her favorite place and chat our hearts out while she spins her cotton threads to make the wicks for diyas (earthen lamps). She would also sing to me her latest self-composed hymns and would urge me to hum along. After that we would cook together our meal which would definitely be her signature dish i.e.aaloo ka rasa sans garlic-onion with poori. She would ofcourse not eat pooris so I would make her chapatis. As soon as the lunch would be done, we would again be sitting down for our next round of tell-tales about the golden era to which Nani belongs. Our chats have so much variety and it ranges from mythology, cookery tips and making homemade pickles to politics, general knowledge, films and diy crafts. 

Oh! And how can I forget to convince Nani to open up that old treasure box which has so many goodies like an antique deck of cards, various colorful konch shells, knitted sweaters, crochet table- cloths and those lac bangles which I have always eyed upon! Whenever that box opens another round of nostalgic conversation unfolds about the times when Nani and Nanaji used to play cards every evening and how he lost intentionally just to make Nani happy. It is a mandate thereafter, that whenever this box opens we play cards and ashtachamma (Indian ludo) with those conch shells.

After the game we would watch Jai Santoshi Maa movie or Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan which are an absolute favorite of my Nani. What fun!!

And all this dreamy day cannot end without a champi of warm coconut hair oil but this time I would definitely want to reverse role play. This time I would love to give a head champi to Nani paving way for a cozy snuggly sleep in Nani’s lap.

Gosh! I just realized my reverie and I guess I have to get my tickets booked very soon to visit my Nani to #LoveJatao ! This #LoveJatao campaign has surely rekindled the fire within to spread love and share joy with the most significant yet most ignored people of our lives!

Do watch this video of Parachute Advanced specially for our grandparents -: 
I would look forward to hear from you how would you  celebrate Grandparents Day

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