Preparing for Baby’s Arrival? 


It seems as if yesterday that I used to surf blogs and articles about how-to, what-to and what-not-to during and after pregnancy. The bouts of emotions and anxiety leaves the moms-to-be in stress all the more when they are advised to abstain from it. There are a million things that need attention as soon as you discover that you’re about to bring a new life on this planet. You want to leave no stone unturned in this journey and arrange the best of the things for your soon-to-arrive little angel.

As a first time mother, it was very overwhelming when we realized that a baby needs so many things. But when we saw the many, many lists out there we realized that we don’t need to buy ALL of those things before the baby comes. If we just bought the most essential items, we could get every thing else as and when we need it. Most of the families believe in NOT buying baby essentials before the baby actually comes due to traditional beliefs. Same was the case with my family but with my personal experience I would suggest to be prepared with some basic important items that are needed in the first few days of baby arrival because you should not expect your relatives to give you those items and also you will not be in a state to do away with those essentials as well !

In the last four weeks of my pregnancy, my husband and I got our house baby-ready (coming soon) and stocked up on some of the essential supplies we would need when the baby arrived.

As a pro tip now, I would definitely recommend the moms-to-be to go for online shopping to save you the hassle of visiting umpteen stores for that perfect deal. You surely have variety of things to choose from with fine quality and the best thing is that all the goodies are delivered at your doorstep. If still in any case you want to explore the market streets yourself, there’s no stopping you!!

So here’s a list of things we bought (and some I think you should add to your list) before the baby came. The items listed here are embedded with a link which would redirect you to e-commerce website for ease in your shopping spree. If you’re lucky you might end up in getting some awesome online deals as festive season is round the corner and e-retailers do offer some attractive offers!! So, let’s get started-:


  1. Clothes

We got a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and family and that saved us a lot of money on baby clothes. But when you buy clothes, list out what the weather in your city be like and baby’s age. Buy newborn clothes accordingly and don’t be tempted to stock on a lot coz babies tend to outgrow the clothes superquick.

In most of the families, people end up getting many clothes as gifts also so you basically might be needing baby nappies  to buy yourself and your relatives will take care of the most of the things.

You can never go wrong with onesies, so stock up on 6-8 of them at least. In addition, you can get pyjama sets (top & bottom), sleep suits (covered feet and hands for when it’s cold at night), caps, socks.

We bought mittens too but could not make baby keep them on for more than a few minutes so I recommend that you don’t waste money on them. Plus I read that mittens actually hinder sensory development, and it is better to let babies get to feel their face and other things with their hands without the mittens blocking them.

  1. Diapers and diaper bag 

We stocked up on at least a month’s supply of diapers and baby wipes. However, if you want to go traditional way of using cloth nappies you should be prepared to change baby’s clothes and the sheet under her every time she pees or poops (which is very often during those first few days because newborns pee and poop round the clock.) If you plan to cloth diaper or use nappies, you may need at least 8-10 each day.  So depending on your laundry schedule, buy nappies/cloth diapers accordingly. Also, if you plan to use nappies, consider getting more blankets and onesies and other clothing too. Also a diaper bag which is a quintessential item, needs to be prepared before the baby arrives because after discharging from hospital you will need to revisit your gyane within a week or so for baby’s progress n yours too. Diaper bag becomes handy with all the baby essentials in it.

  1. Bedding
  • If you plan to co-sleep, you won’t need more than 2-3 blankets, quick dry sheet, baby foldable bed with a net (if there are mosquitoes where you live.)
  • If you plan to use a baby crib, you will need, in addition to the above, crib, crib sheets, net.

You can skip pillows, bolsters, crib bumpers, and decorative pillows because it is usually advised to keep the baby’s crib clutter-free. If you want a pillow, consider getting one filled with mustard seeds as that usually takes the shape of baby’s head. I also used that horse-shoe shaped pillow or some 10-15days but kept it away as soon as I came to know about its ill-effects. 

  1. Toys & other items – To keep newborns engaged and entertained you can get

*Babies can entertain themselves with the other toys but you will have to shake the rattle before them.

5. One pack of Formula Milk and feeding bottles– 

Though every mother wants to breastfeed her baby right from the time of delivery till as long as she can but there may be times when you are unable to do so. Especially when mothers who undergo C-section quite often complain of not lactating properly, Formula milk comes handy as an SOS. You can talk to your gynae before hand about the brand you wish to buy (I used Nan Pro1). Buy a feeding bottle as well for this purpose.

6. Other Utilities –

Other things we got were: burp cloths, hooded towels, swaddle cloths (however, swaddling didn’t work for my wriggly baby) , baby oil, shampoo, baby wash (I used Mama Earth products and still continuing it), moisturiser, detergent, nappy cream, nail clippers, hair brush, hand sanitizer. 

Things to keep in mind:

  •  It’s always a good idea to let older family members like your mother or grandmother or mother-in-law to massage the baby if you aren’t up for it yet.
  • Watch videos on how to breastfeed and how to ensure deep latch. This will save you a lot of pain and confusion later on.
  • BONUS TIP: Many families have a tradition where the parents of mom-to-be gift the baby essentials including clothes, toys etc.  In that case you can ask your parents/relatives to check the stuff online and get it with no hassle. Also, if they live in a different city than yours, they can get the stuff delivered to you directly! Isn’t that a win-win for all of us? 🙂 


  • Post Partum Essentials – Sanitary Pads, comfy pillow, a cook, cleaner, and a 24-hour personal attendant for the first 18 years. 😜
  • Nursing Essentials – nursing bras, nursing-friendly dresses/tops, nursing pads, nursing pillow, breast pump (if you may need)
  • Sanity Essentials – Baby Carrier. I wish I had known about it earlier. It is a life saver! Especially during days when baby will only sleep in your arms. I did not get a chance to babywear but in my recent researches about it I found that baby-carriers provide support for a tiny new born’s neck too. This would really come in handy during sleep regressions of baby.


This journey you are embarking upon is going to be the most wonderful one and you would definitely want to document your life. So if you plan to do that, you might consider looking for and sourcing milestone cards and/or stickers, cute photo props that you can use in your pictures, a baby book where you can stick pictures and make notes, etc.


Here are a few Facebook Groups that helped me in those early days. Its not necessary to ask questions but you can learn a lot by going through posts and discussions.

    • Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mother
    • Apps like BabyCenter, The Bump, and What to Expect not only give you weekly pregnancy updates, but also give you weekly baby updates. You will also find relevant articles shared with you on a weekly basis depending on the age of your baby.

That’s all for now. It is important to remember that this is a list of the bare minimum essentials you may need before baby arrives. Depending on your budget and lifestyle you may want to purchase fewer or more items. All the Best!

Wish you the most blissful times ahead! ☺️


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