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Decoding Summer The Desi Way

Isn’t it funny that human heart craves for what is not with it and rather chooses to push aside the present gifts into oblivion? Don’t most of us start missing the chills of winters as soon as the Sun starts showing its might and on the contrary crave for the same warm Sun when chilly winters arrive?

It’s been over two months already when Delhi got its fair share of hot sun-kisses and soon we will be welcoming the showers…Well, they are already knocking with roaring thunderstorms pan North India. This Summer of 2018 had me introspecting about the reasons behind ever-rising mercury and how we have started to dread Summers, here in plains. The summer siestas had me all nostalgic of the good old days when our 80s lifestyle had us waiting anxiously for this season. A season with myriad hues of fun,frolic, laughter, reunions and everything bright and sunny!

I was reminiscing the good old summers of my childhood and somewhere in my heart I just made a promise to myself that I would really try my best to reveal the sheer magical Summer of 80s to this Gen-Z baby of mine!

And since, this year’s summer has already started fading, why not bid it adieu in our traditional Desi style and may be give a glimpse to our children what marvels next Summer holds for them!

So are you excited to decode SUMMER and have a ride back into your childhood??


Image result for garden pipe water fun

Summer and splashes are synonymous, don’t you think? As a kid I remember, our parents used to assign household tasks to us on rotation basis. Like for first week tasks like watering the plants, folding the sun-dried laundry and filling up the cooler were divided among we three sisters and then next week the tasks were rotated.

The one who got to water the garden was the happiest for obvious evening splashes. So, it became our ritual to play splash-gun with garden hose after watering the plants and we enjoyed it the most.

Today most of us might not have the luxury of big gardens but we can still dive into the pool, have a mini rubber pool in backyard or if nothing is available, just go desi and have a family rain-dance under the shower 😉 For all other lucky ones with gardens, resort to time-tested fun with garden hoses!! I can already hear the giggles and laughter 😊


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Summers equals Vacations. Reminisce that lush greenery that used to be common in our times in our very own city. Alas, those times are no more and we have to actually move out of town if we wish to soak in nature.

So, how about ditching that trip to some foreign country and instead head to some place in Incredible India where Nature is in its full glory? Unveil the beauty and power of nature which is still unknown to your kids. The waterfalls, the oceans, the mountains, the trees, birds and animals living freely in the wild… Let them pick up those dried twigs and leaves and build up a souvenir of their own. Let them be lost in nature’s majesty…. Let their lungs brim with fresh air. Worried about these destinations being clad in garbage or trash?? Now, that’s a serious assignment for you to show them what damage we have done and discuss the solutions for it. And of course, there still are many beautiful places left in India and hence still some hope left.

M-for Mother Earth


“Our very Being, Essence, Health and Happiness depend on Mother Earth”- David Suzuki

Mother Earth has already given much to us, we have rather taken much from her and it’s high time to give back. It’s so rightly said that we haven’t inherited this Earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children. So, if you have been able to show a glimpse of what damage we have done to our Mother, it’s a good time this Summer to workout small solutions with your kids. After all, each step counts! 🙂

Here are some pointers that we are practicing in our lifestyle-

->> Use desert coolers instead of AC in dry summers. Let the kids soak in that petrichor kind of divinity emanating from desert-cooler grass. Let them be out of their personal rooms and ACs and sit together in cooler and may be enjoy some board games or how about introducing kids to Antakshari and Dumbsherads? Meanwhile, explain them the benefits of using cooler over AC.

->> Bring home an earthen pitcher( ghada/surahi). I don’t think I need to elaborate its advantages over refrigerated water but still, here are a few-
A) Saving some percentage of electricity bill as no more ajar fridge-doors.

B) Saving environment to whatever little extent from global warming.

C) Saving our kids’ throat from turning sore due to their habit of drinking chilled water straight from the fridge.

D) Helping the small businessmen earn their living in whatever little way possible.

You can encourage kids to paint the pot and then use for drinking water from it. I am sure they would love it!

->>Plant some more trees, cultivate a home garden, reuse the RO water, reduce waste, keep water & food for birds are just some of the little gestures we can bring back from our times and inculcate in our Gen-Z.

Think of more desi ways that you can incorporate into your summer lifestyle to help revive our Mother Earth and don’t forget to share in comments. ☺️


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AAhhh.. remember those yummilicious simple Desi recipes straight from mumma’s kitchen – the mango pannah, bel ka sharbat, homemade rooh-afzah kulfi, fruit popsicles, chilled fruit custard….ummmm ! Mummy ka magic prevailed all through the summer right from homemade food to curbing our boredom by making tepees from her saarees – wasn’t our childhood so simple yet magically creative?

It’s time for role-reversal! Let’s ditch the aerated soft drinks and instead guide our kids to make their own summer-coolers and some indoor fun games in personal tepee made out of saaree and dupattas! Show them your magic!


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Yeah, yeah- Outdoors is a NO in Summers, but tell me which parents have been successful in chaining their juniors inside four walls?? Our parents couldn’t do it nor can WE!

So, let them roll outside for a while, of course, when the blazen sun is a bit mellow in evenings. Take them to some lush green park if you can. The more kids, the more fun it is. Let them relive your childhood by monkeying around trees, jumping and hopping. Play outdoor hide and seek, hopscotch, dodge ball, chain chain, seven stones, kho-kho and whatever games you can remember playing when you were a kid.

It may seem hilarious to our juniors if you tell them that most of the fun in our times were during night time Power-Failures! We rushed to backyard or terrace with mats and bed-sheets… made our beds on floor and just lied down gazing at stars or singing random songs, making up ghost stories and what not!! Why not arrange a Star-Gazing Night Party on terrace for our kids, let them name their stars and have 80s fun !

And finally….


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The best memories of my childhood summers is- going to Nani’s place and wreak a havoc there with alll my cousins! Gosh, those times..I can write another blog on that.

In today’s virtually connected world, we have lost almost all physical ties with our friends and family. We don’t have time to go meet them or call them over because of so many summer-camps our child has to attend, because of our pre-booked foreign vacations , work-commitments or because of several other important and not-so-important reasons.

Our children are not only deprived of the fun they can have with cousins and extended family but also a lifetime BOND. Don’t you think this also essential for our kids’ EQ? So, what are you waiting for… go get calling your cousins and friends along with their Bachcha-party and create some beautiful moments together 🙂

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